The Canyon team was a terrific resource for SYNEO as we evaluated the proper steps in establishing a direct sales and service model in Ireland. SYNEO benefitted from Canyon’s professional relationships with local service providers, such as tax consulting, banking and payroll processing, which allowed the SYNEO team to focus more efforts towards developing business strategy and customer relationships.

Tyler Wackman, Director of Finance, SYNEO, LLC

SYNEOSYNEO designs and manufactures machines for the automated cutting, feeding, hole making, slitting, flaring, grinding, skiving, printing, assembly and laser micromachining of catheters and guidewires. The company also manufactures high-precision tooling and punches for catheter hole-making and surgical

When we decided to embark on our expansion project to set up an Irish operation, we were glad to be introduced to Canyon CTS who helped us manage a complex transaction involving multiple jurisdictions over a period of several months. They helped us in establishing the legal, accounting and governance infrastructure we needed and provided guidance and support at every step along the way, from finding initial office space, connecting with recruiters, to health, pensions & benefits contacts.

They also assisted with providing some much needed project management support and helped develop an appropriate accounting & financial reporting framework – Canyon CTS have provided us with tremendous support and have been instrumental in helping us establish our presence in Ireland.

The team at Canyon CTS continue to provide us with ongoing daily support as we grow our business and build out our Irish operations. I would highly recommend them to any US company looking to establish a business presence in Ireland. They are solutions driven in the way they approach the project and we have found them to be a reliable and efficient project management team on the ground in Ireland.

General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Corporate Secretary
Global Pharmaceutical Company

The Canyon CTS team have been a great support to us in the delivery of corporate oversight, accounting and financial management, administration and company secretarial services for our Irish operations.

I would highly recommend the team to any company requiring assistance in Ireland; they are always very responsive and the support we receive around our corporate transactions and documentation is excellent, with matters addressed knowledgeably, efficiently and professionally.

Walter Bosschieter, Global Operations Controller, Trinseo LLC

trinseo_logoTrinseo is a world leader in the production of plastics, latex and rubber. Trinseo’s global reach and resources span a variety of disciplines, including automotive, consumer electronics, large and portable appliances, glazing and sheet, paper and board coatings, packaging, tyres and carpet backing.

When our US Company was looking for assistance in establishing our European headquarters in Ireland, the IDA introduced us to Geraldine Lillis, Director at Canyon CTS.  She and her team have provided tremendous support to our Irish operations and in guiding us on legal, tax and corporate structure issues and requirements.
They continue to provide us with daily support in every aspect of our operation in Ireland, including accounting and financial management, company secretarial and personnel matters.  They have far exceeded our expectations, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to establish a business presence in Ireland, as they are an invaluable project management team on the ground who understand what is needed by a US operation starting out.

Jim Lynch, CFO, Abec Inc.

logosmallABEC, Inc. is a world-leading provider of engineering, equipment, and services to the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry. For forty years, pharmaceutical companies from around the globe have relied on Abecs’ expertise to develop reliable and cost effective manufacturing solutions. Founded by Jack Wilson in 1974, their goal continues to provide custom engineered solutions to the life science Industry in support of their efforts to provide the world with life changing therapies.

The team at Canyon CTS, particularly Dave Evans and Nickola Murphy, were instrumental in assisting us with our expansion into Ireland.
They were able to support us with many aspects of the project, particularly in the early stages.  Their responsiveness and solutions-driven mindset were key to making the expansion project so successful.  I personally found it very helpful to have a direct contact on the same time-zone in the U.S. to assist with managing the project.  I would have no hesitation in recommending the team to any company contemplating a European expansion project.”

Shawn Garrett, CFO, SmartBear

smartbear-color-logo-sSmartBear Software has its roots in three companies brought together by Insight Venture Partners starting in 2007. These companies formed the original nucleus around testing and collaboration tools for software professionals. Since then, the company has grown, expanded globally and become profitable. Today, over 2 million developers, testers and operation teams use SmartBear Products to deliver the world’s best applications.

The service provided by Canyon CTS is second to none and the degree of professionalism with which they have conducted business on our behalf has been outstanding.

Whereas in the past we have had one person, in house, fulfilling an accounts function, we now have a team of professional, well-qualified, pleasant and helpful staff attending to all our administrative and accounting needs. We feel as if they only work for us, such is the degree of care and attention we receive, and, not only is the service of a practical nature, they also provide invaluable advice and direction to our business.

I could not recommend their services more highly.

Russell Jennings, Managing Director, Phileo UK & Ireland Limited

Lesaffre_logotypePhileo UK & Ireland is an Irish subsidiary of the Lesaffre Group which is headquartered in France. The group, utilising yeast and other fermentation products, designs, manufactures and markets solutions that target the following markets: baking; human, plant and animal health, nutrition and care; taste and pleasure in food; and biotechnology.
Lesaffre employs a staff of 8,000 divided between more than 80 subsidiaries (production sites and commercial offices) in some 40 countries. Their products are sold in more than 180 countries.

I have found the team at Canyon CTS invaluable for our business where full time accounting staff are not required – they are efficient, reliable and understand what it is we need as a medical devices company operating in Ireland from an accounting, administration and compliance perspective. We have on hand daily support in every aspect of our operation, including accounting and financial management, inventory management and company secretarial matters. Our experience has shown us that the entire team at Canyon CTS are highly professional, completely thorough and always attentive to our needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking assistance with the management of its business in Ireland.

Dr. Robert Filik, Managing Director, Medifill Limited

medifill-logo-sMedifill Limited is a medical device manufacturer focused on the wound closure market.

Canyon CTS have provided us with the support we needed in establishing our presence in Ireland and have guided us through the initial set up of our Irish business including corporate structure requirements, as well as providing much needed guidance on legal, tax and employment matters.
Canyon CTS continue to provide us with excellent professional daily support in many aspects of our Irish operation including, accounting and financial management, company secretarial and personnel matters.  I would highly recommend them to any company looking to establish a business presence in Ireland, they are an invaluable project management team on the ground, and they will ensure that your business needs are handled efficiently and always professionally.

Roddy Cruz, Director, Vortex Aviation Ireland Limited

vortexaviation-logoVortex Aviation Ireland Limited, is a subsidiary of Vortex Aviation Inc. The group offers first class services to the aviation industry including the repair, trouble shooting and maintenance of turbine engines and aircraft.