International Expansion Services (IE Services) & Project management

At Canyon CTS, we assist a number of US companies in relation to their international expansion outside of the US. Our team can provide you with the project management support you need in relation to establishing the operational and corporate infrastructure you require in your Irish platform, as well as other locations of choice in Europe and globally, where we have a partner network. Our team have been working with US companies in connection with their international activities for over 15 years. We help set up the accounting, finance and reporting platform along with the corporate framework and work with your tax and legal advisors in this regard.  We also provide project management in co-ordinating matters locally including finding a local office, recruitment, pensions and benefits support, and working with local government agencies.

Our key IE services can be split into three phases, once you have made the strategic decision to choose Ireland as your international jurisdiction of choice:

1. Initial Phase

  • We work alongside your internal team, your international tax team and your legal advisors in the US and Ireland, as appropriate, assisting in designing and building a bespoke Irish platform to facilitate the initial phase of your Irish operation.
  • We assist in providing key infrastructural services to your expansion project, such as company formation, local directors, management support, company secretarial services, accounting and financial reporting, administration and project management support.
  • We also assist with various project management matters and make connections from within our local network regarding recruitment, banking, health and medical insurance, office space, pensions and employee benefits requirements, etc. tailored to the client’s needs.

2. Building Substance for the Future

  • Having implemented and managed the Irish platform in the initial phase of the project, we provide the infrastructure and support for the first crucial six months required to set up and manage the Irish operation in its incubation phase, including:
    • finding suitable office space for expansion
    • seconding senior employees onto the local payroll and
    • hiring new employees as the Irish platform grows

3. The Irish Platform

  • As your group establishes an independent Irish office and local platform in Ireland to manage your Irish and European operations (which could include finance, supply chain, intellectual property licensing and contract manufacturing) we continue to support the Irish operation, its employees and the wider group in many facets of your operation in Ireland.
  • We continue to provide accounting, VAT, financial reporting and compliance support to your Irish team.
  • We also facilitate and project manage corporate and trust solutions for you in other jurisdictions across Europe, as required.

We have assisted many US clients establish their Irish platforms across various industries and sectors including software, medical device, pharmaceutical, beverage distribution, aircraft leasing, logistics businesses etc.