Corporate Restructuring

We offer clients undertaking a corporate restructuring program, our experience and guidance in connection with the successful implementation of an appropriate global structure, from an operational, finance, cash repatriation and tax efficiency perspective.   We work with the tax and legal advisers to ensure that the optimum operational structure is put in place in the most effective and efficient manner.

Our key services in this regard involve project management support, company formation & management services, registered office, company secretarial services, financial accounting, administration & reporting services and project management support.  We work with clients on a 24/7 basis to ensure that tight timelines are met and projects are delivered on time.

We assist clients in connection with intellectual property structuring, cash-flow planning and repatriation structuring and provide a flexible and scalable solution for clients.  Our responsiveness and dedication to our clients and the alignment of our goals with those of our clients is what sets us apart from other firms in the industry who try to do what we do.  See what our clients say about us.