Canyon is Managing Agent for Griffin Global Asset Management $1 Billion Warehouse Facility

May, 2021: Canyon Financial Services Limited, a Vistra Group company (“Canyon”) is pleased to announce that we have been appointed as the Managing Agent for Griffin Global Asset Management’s (Griffin) Palisade Aviation Holdings Warehouse, a $1 billion senior secured warehouse facility to finance a diversified aviation platform.

This unique facility has been jointly created by Griffin and Bain Capital Credit. The joint venture has a two-fold focus: creating a “world-class commercial aviation leasing and alternative asset management platform” and “building a diversified aviation portfolio”.

“This is an exciting development in the area of aviation finance and we are delighted to build on our existing relationship with Ryan and his team at Griffin. Griffin’s decision to appoint Canyon to the role of Managing Agent on its innovative warehouse facility demonstrates the importance of strong service delivery, high competency levels and a proven track record.”

Andrew Ryan, Managing Director, CanyonCTS

Alongside Canyon in our role of Managing Agent for the transaction, Griffin is the servicer; Goldman Sachs acted as the Structuring Agent and UMB Bank is the Security Trustee. The Facility was provided by Goldman Sachs, Barclays Bank PLC, Mizuho Americas, Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, Bank of America, N.A. and Deutsche Bank AG, New York Branch.