Canyon CTS were proud sponsors of ‘Make Rewarding Connections with ConnectIreland’ event.

Connectireland 2                                                      Connectireland

Canyon CTS sponsored a ConnectIreland lunch hosted by Shannon Chamber on 25th February 2016.

Launched by the Government in March 2012, ConnectIreland was set up as an additional vehicle to attract new investment to Ireland.

Keynote Speaker: Joanna Murphy

Joanna Murphy is the Chief Executive Officer of ConnectIreland, a globally unique job creation initiative which emerged from the Global Irish Economic forum in 2011.

Joanna has a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and prior to joining ConnectIreland founded and successfully ran two companies in the construction and civil engineering space. A business development specialist, Joanna has catapulted ConnectIreland’s brand engagement and extended its reach through strategic partnerships with leading global organisations.

Joanna leads ConnectIreland’s international marketing growth and strategic vision. She has brought energy and passion to the leadership team since joining ConnectIreland in 2013. She joined initially as Project Manager and within three months was promoted to the position of Chief Operating Officer.

Guest Contributor: Paul Doddrell, Chief Executive Officer & Executive Director, Pepper Ireland

Paul Doddrell is Chief Executive Officer of Pepper Ireland and is responsible for Irish business performance. Paul joined Pepper from GE Capital in 2012. He has over 20 years of financial services experience in a range of financial products, including mortgage, personal loans, auto, commercial and leasing. At GE, he held several key senior positions: he was CEO of GE Capital Woodchester and Head of Asset Management for GE Money Home Lending in the UK. He is a Chartered Management Accountant.

Paul outlined Pepper Ireland’s association with ConnectIreland.