Aircraft Leasing & Other ABS Transaction Services

The team at Canyon CTS has broad-based experience in working with lessors, lessees, borrowers and lenders, along with equity investors in a variety of structured finance deals involving a wide range of assets.

We have delivered solutions in Ireland in connection with various US private equity backed investments into Europe, including hub structures and bankruptcy-remote loan structures relating to portfolios of big ticket transportation assets, aviation assets and commercial aircraft.

As well as our general services, we additionally provide the securitisation specific services:

Cash Waterfall and Cash Management

  • Calculate certain payments and other calculations required by operative agreements
  • Prepare and distribute reports to investors
  • Direct withdrawals and transfers from the various bank accounts
  • Direct the investment of funds in permitted investments and on permitted terms
  • Oversee the operation of cash collateral accounts and any eligible credit facilities
  • Perform accounts payable functions
  • Apply cash receipts

Administration and General Services

  • Monitor and report on the performance of service providers’ compliance with operative agreements
  • Act as liaison with various rating agencies to assess impact of management decisions on the ratings of securities
  • Coordinate any necessary amendments to operative agreements
  • Supervise outside counsel and other professional advisors at the direction of the Board
  • Prepare and coordinate reports to investors
  • Coordinate board meetings, distribute board papers, and draft minutes and resolutions
  • Procure and renew directors and officers insurance policies